I am starting to write a song and I wanted to get some ideas so here is the question: What do you think when you think about the word "Tripout"?

I think of all the times Ive tripped out.

To be more specific, all the times Ive done shrooms, acid and salvia (and one time from smoking a sh1tload of honey oil, but that was nothing really)

If you want inspiration you should just take a tab or a couple of shroomies and write the "Tripout" song

if you dont do drugs, go to erowid.com and check out Trip Reports for different drugs (lsd, mush, DMT, salvia, mescaline)
What do you think when you hear "forum rules"....

Idk about you, but I think to read them before posting...

read the rules... and post this in the Lyrics tips thread near the top of the page