ok, ive been playin for i guess about a year if you count seriously. im like an ok player i guess, like i can play like snow-rhcp and when i can remember the whole thing, ball and biscuit- white stripes, but like i keep hearing people say like "if all you know are a bunch of chord progressions and pentatonic scales, you had better work some more" and i mean, what am i supposed to do for lead besides like pentatonic and other scales? i mean, i know like 5 really well that i can like jump from and stuff, and i try to improvise alot, but i still always sound like im walking up and down the scales. bending and vibrato never help to spice it up, i end up over using them, and i cant like find any like small fast licks and stuff inside the scales that dont sound like im still walking around. can anyone help me with like a more outside the box approach or something, or like some good in-scale hammeron pulloff fast techniques that are good, anything that could help get me past this stage. much appreciated.
Theres a Making a solo "Hopscotch" Lesson on this site, check it out, it's really helpful. Look for it in lessons. What it teaches is taking a handful of scales and combineing them to a point that you're all around the fretboard.
mix in major and minor scale licks
those put some different shapes under your fingers even if you are in a pentatonic scale
... also try playing through your scales in modes... idk but it really helped me improvise when i hear a scale in different aspects
most of all... just put a jam track on repeat and duke it out

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DewtheDew2323, quick question, I may sound like a real noob, but how do you put scales in to modes? I mean I look at the modes and it looks like a scale itself, so how do you use it?
googe some guitar licks and throw em in your solos, or learn some guitar solos you like and throw some of the licks from them in your solos. just do that and learn as much solos as possible from as much different bands as possible and you will eventually develop your own style. got that from speed mechanics
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from my personal experience noodling with a guitar can be really helpful in letting you use scales in a better way. practicing scales up and down is great for your chops, but if you want to be able to make a great scale then just sitting down and fiddling around with a scale till something interesting comes out.
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