Ok guys, i've added another song to the list... This song came to me randomly when i was trying to record something else, when i just couldn't get it to sound right, this tune popped into my head for some reason. And i just called it 'Running to China' haha. www.purevolume.com/therainandsnow
Now i'm not sure if i really want to keep it because it wasnt too well planned so I could just scrap it if it doesn't succeed. So see if you think it's worth keeping.
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The Rain And Snow

We've been reduced to ruin in this noncalibrated earth that has stumbled upon us.
I enjoyed it for the first 40 or so seconds then that part really bugged me. I got back into it at 1:30 though. Overall, decent track. Drums are a bit loud in the start, or maybe your guitar is just to quiet. 6.7/10 I'd say.