Ok, I learned how to do pinch harmonics the other day, but I tried putting them to use in Cemetary Gates, and the pitch didn't sound right. So my question is, is there more than one place near the pickup/bridge area to do pinch harmonics, and does it alter the pitch?
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I do pinch harmonics by the neck pickup, almost over the neck.
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You learned how to do pinch harmonics in one day, and now you're talking about the different pitches? I envy your skill.

Oh, and though ^ says to do them over the neck pickup, I usually find it easiest to get them about an inch and a half above the bridge, though those are more scratchy and less refined than neck ones. I'm not proficient at all in harmonics, but I know enough to know that moving around gets different sounds. Good luck man.
Yeah, pitch can vary where you strike your string. In general(and for Cemetary Gates) I generally hit above or a little past my middle pickup(H-S-S setup). Sounds the best, to me anyway.