hi, i recently notice my guitar solos were getting boring, typical, less creative because i ussually play only on 1 scale on a chord progression
like i know you can play the E pentatonic on a Em song but it really gets boring i wanna get more creative my solos
I noticed that you can play different scales, arpegios on a simple chord progession and make it sound different as in it makes up a story as you're playing along.... as you call, making your solo have emotions

so can any of you guys help me wit this?
like for example take a simple chord progession like this
G-C-D what can i play on each chord beside playing the solo in G major scale

And what about G-C-Em-D?
G-C-D changes are a simple I-IV-V progression, but if you only know a Gm pentatonic or G major to solo with, then yeah, it'll get boring. Knowing the Em pent., you can use it over these same changes (ie: "Wonderful Tonight"). Then you could try a D major (Mixolydian Mode) over those same changes.

Be sure to learn all your "box" patterns within each scale. Then learn how to navigate the guitar neck (There's an excellent thread on this at UG forums). That will open even your predictable playing. Next try those same patterns in a different way. Learn the modes, positions, patterns, what scales will fit with what chords... but that's a much longer thread.