Yesterday I bought a zoom 707ii at a garage sale, I know the guy so I didnt think I'd have to try it out, but today i went to use it and it wouldn't even power-up!

I took it back to him and he couldnt get it to turn on either so he gave my money back and let me keep the pedal anyway, so if I get it to work ill pay him.

So, where should I start getting this thing to work? I know a guy whos real good with electronics so I'll also get him to have a look. Is this just a waste of time?

(I also bought a crybaby and a guv'nor at the garage sale, cheap as chips!)
Have you got new batteries in it/ power adaptor in it?

Take it to a shop, see what they say there...
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If it's busted, then it will probably cost more to troubleshoot and repair than buying a brand new one.
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