hi. well Ive had my guitar and amp for a while now. and i gotta tell you im lovin it.
but somethings been bugging me. well I have a 16 watt amp. its a Crate GT-15.

and my guitar, well its an Ibanez RX series. im pretty satisfied with it. but I was just wondering if my buy was worth it. heres the breakdown.

Guitar - $125

AMP - $100

cords, picks, etc not included. the whole price came up to $250. and keep in mind im still practicing. im not very good. but Ive had my guitar for 2 weeks now. and I can play like 2-3 songs i think. but was my buy worth it? could I have chosen a better guitar?

and since i already made this thread. I LOVE Metallica and Im trying to play 1 of their songs ( sad but true, but not the whole way ) well im trying to get the first 35 secs in and I find it VERY hard but the thing is I have about 20 tabs of Online. but the thing is I KNOW how to read them, its just when they're arranged like this.


and I play it exactly as it is, but it doesnt sound the least bit as the song. and you ARE supposed to play those 3 strings at once right? because I do and it just sounds horrible.

any help is appreciated, and i would like to also thank everyone at UG for helping me come this far in guitaring. trust me if I practiced alone without ur guys's help I would suck even more than i already do. lol
Well, im not going to deal with the guitar question

but yea tabs
first off, yes you do hit all those frets at the same time when it does that on the tab
second, if it doesnt sound right
- check tuning of your guitar to make sure its the right one as the song
- sounds different due to effects
- tab is wrong.
Ok I had this problem a lot firstly make sure your guitar is in tune correctly (do you have a tuner if not go buy one!) secondly is the finger you are covering the two notes pushing down on the string hard enough it (the finger) must make the string touch the fretboard in the desired fret.
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Im a big fan of Ibanez guitars. As far as the RX I think it was a good choice in that price range (not sure about the amp though, I wouldve gone with a Roland cube for metal).
As far as the reading tab thing goes, yeah, you play all of those at once. If it sounds horrible or muddy then turn down the distortion.
I play sad but true but you may want to check the tuning cuz I think it may be in drop-d. Good Luck.
are you in tune?

I assume thats a power chord and I'll assume thats on the E-A-D strings. Check your tuning and intonation.
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Sad but true was recorded like a step or two down, don't remember off hand. Definitely below standard tuning, though.
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