Hi, im considered a so-so newbie, played for 2 years but not on consistant practise :p .. i had some trouble with this kind of note -->




Both tempo at around 140... and this song is part of master of puppets from metallica btw :p as u can see, it has to be played so fast that my picking(using a pick) is not able to catch up with the fifth string and return to the 6-th string.. and also my synchronisation is out too..so, im here to seek any techniques or any particular lessons i should take to master this.. i hope someone understand be bcoz my english is weak
it should be played with all downstrokes, but i like the sound of the spider riff alternate picked, the actual tempo is around 220bpm. to get up to speed and timing correct, play it at a speed with a metronome, that u can play it perfectly, and then gradually increase the speed by 2-3 bpm and keep going, until you lose control then restart.

Or what i prefer doing is playing in time with guitar pro, and slow it down to an acceptable level.

And yes, that riff to play at speed will take a while
As stated above, to get the heavy sound like the recording, it's played with all downstrokes. You are aware that all the open strings on the first part and the 0 1 on the spider riff are palm-muted right? Just take it real slow making sure the right notes are palm-muted and the right ones ring through. Also on the first riff, play 12 and 11 on low E string instead of 7 and 6. Makes it easier.

Alternate picking would help a lot with that. Just catch the A string on your upstroke, or downstroke, whatever it falls on.
alternate picking definitely. also, you could slow down the tempo a little bit so you can get the feel of the song then speed it up about 10bpm after everytime through. that usually helps me a lot
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Master of Puppets' rythm guitar is all down picked, I can't do it that way, have to alternate pick it
just need to have lots of stamina