Hey I have googled on the net about this issue. i can't find anything good though. Does anyone know how you can get a sponsorship for musical instruments? I am just curious.

Thank you guys!

Contact the companies you use (its a long shot if youre unsolicited (not signed or through an agent) and ask them if they can hook you up, but mostly ull need to be solicited and have a name for them to want to invest in you.
well theres a semi local band around me thats not signed but ARE sponsored by rockstar energy drinks... But i think alls they do is fun some of their touring...
true. i would like to have a bunch of different types of guitars not just one sponsor and have to play just their stuff. that would suck! thanks guys
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yeah probably the best you could do would be like... washburn. id rather pay for my guitars.

i love washburn. i would love to be sponsored by them lol. but seriously, id proly rather a variety of guitars as well. but a free guitar is a free guitar...