Whenever I play the top string on my friends guitar it has some rattling sound like the string is rattling against the metal thing. It does this no matter how hard I hold down the string. Whats wrong?
Yeah, man.
Could be action too low, could be poorly placed frets, could need a trussrod adjustment, could be a crap guitar.
yeah i had that on my epiphone les paul and raised the action a fraction and problem solved
Haha, how ironic. I have the same problem. Ok usually, at least my problem was that my bridge was getting pressed down cause the strings weren't pulling it up high enough. I dunno wat i had done but it was like that so a good idea is to go 010 strings not 090 or try to jack up the bridge SLIGHTLY, otherwise u'll screw everything up
if the buzzing occurs when fretting closer to nut or playing open strings it's probably the trussrod. it's too tight... i had the same problem.