well i'm doing a acoustic side project til my band kicks in and i was wondering if anyone can help with new ways to bring more emotion in my songs! like i can finger pick and chord progression but every song i write feels empty like it needs a catchier chours or a solo but these hard to do on acoustic, and make your own sound with it! in other words what are some good ideas for me to use to write better acoustic songs!
embellish your chords with hammer ons and pull offs...but to be honest the best acoustic parts (and in my opinion guitar parts in general) are quite simple, if you avoid too many difficult chords, if you get a cyclic quality to the part it becomes slightly anthemic...which is amazingly good )
build ure chord vocabulary and add 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, sus2's+4's (etc etc) to you chords to give them more character. Also, if u know anythign about jazz, try chord subtitutions.
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