It's not really a versus thread so much as a "What's the differences" thread (at least I hope.

In which case, I'll tell you maple tends to be hard and snappy, rosewood is warmer. Ebony is kinda between the two tonally, and harder than both.

BUT with EQ'ing/Playing Style/Body wood/Pickups/amp used this brightness or warmth thing can be changed, so honestly it's kinda a matter of what you prefer in terms of feel + look.

Personally, I wouldn't take any Stingray/Sterling without a maple board, because personally I find Stingrays/Sterlings look better and sound with maple fretboards. It gives that nice bright hi end that's perfect for slapping, and feels great.

I also prefr maple for Fender type instruments, but I love my Rosewood jazz and it's pretty bright as it is.

Personally I'm a fan of solid wenge necks.
Maple suits Stingrays a hell of a lot more
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lookwise, maple would be better, especially with an unpainted headstock, black body, and black inlays. and rosewood would be better looking for matching headstock painted basses.

tonewise, I've heard rosewood is for 'rock and roll' and maple for a brighter sound.

edit: oh, for stingrays, in that case, beats the **** out of me...
I prefer maple cause it feels better in my opinion

and it looks reallyy nice on the fender Geddy Lee jazz bass. =)
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