so i started looking into my guitar pro 4 i got and put some tabs into it from one of the threads here to hear it out

only thing is when i hit play, i don't get any sound...it just runs though the tabs

when i start the program it plays the demo song so its not my computer speakers that are broken

anyone even come across this problem and know how to fix it?

ill be reading the books for it now
Options - MIDI setup - Make sure you have a proper MIDI output device installed. Windows should have one by default. You might need to select it though.
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yes its selected as it should be, but i dont have anything connected via midi to my computer....well just my drums for data backup...

is there a way to play the tabs out of the computer speakers or must it be played through a midi-audio device or whatever that would be....im really new to midi
Just copy any music files you have created from your hard disk and uninstall it, if it doesn't pleay music....then install it again and it will propably work and you won't have lost your files