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swap ash Strat body, oiled finish
maple neck - rosewood fretboard w/ binding - 22 jumbo frets
black multi-ply pickguard with matching black headstock
HSH pickup arrangment (still have to decide what to put in there)
Ibanez Edge Pro bridge
gold hardware all over

Probably going to be the next guitar I buy (well parts from Warmoth...) in a looong time when I can afford it

and a relatively normal Strat:
-alder body
-metallic green with a sparkly pickgaurd
-maple neck with maple fretboard, 22 frets, abalone dot inlays
-chrome hardware
-BKP Irish Tours in there probably
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id take the one in my avatar. its a alexi sig with scythe inlays looks real nice and apparently playability is very nice
I think my Giboo V is pretty fit. My dream guitar would probably just be the same thing but better made.
My gear:

Gibson Gothic Flying V
Engl Screamer Combo
Maxon OD-9
Squier 10w amp
Body Shape: Normal Strat Shape
Wood: Mahogony (I think I spelled it wrong)
Pickups: EMG 81 in the bridge, EMG 85 in the neck with EMG gain booster thing
Bridge: Original Floyd Rose Double Locking Tremolo
Tuners: Sperzel Locking Tuners
Paint: Blue Ghost Flames
Neck: Ibanez Wizard
Inlays: Sharkfin

OR something like this...

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Been done before.


Ibanez SZ Body
SZ Neck
24 Frets
Natural Finish
Licensed floyd
Swineshead Condor (Neck)
Swineshead Venom (Bridge)
Locking Tuners (No locking nut)
Black Jackson Dinky 2
Peavey Envoy 110
and that's it.
probs a alexi lahio sig or a micheal amott sig

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Orange PPC412AD
Seagull S6 Cedar Slim
Manuel Rodríguez C1M

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how do you copy those kisekae ones on here?

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^Take a screenshot, save it in Paint, and host on Imageshack

Swamp Ash body.
Body shape: Les Paul
Body wood: Mahogny
Neck wood: Mahogny
Body top: AAAA-figured maple top
Finish: Classic gibson desert burst.
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fretboard inlay: Custom design (One of my own drawings)
Binding: Single-ply neck and body.
Frets: 24
Scale: 25'
Pickups: Calibrated Bareknuckle emeralds.
Tuners: Schaller of some kind
Bridge: Tune-o-matic gibson

The Gibson Trini Lopez (sexy!) and I'll take Dave Grohl too if that's an option.

-Alder Body
-Sonic Blue Paint
-Standard Fender Scale (25.5")
-Gotoh Tuning Keys
-Lil' JB bridge with either Texas Special front end or BKP Irish Tours
-13 Sound switching system
-'70s CBS headstock

-Jackson Rhoads body, hollow maple with controls on back.

-Explorer shape, polka dots, etc. etc.
-Dirty pickups, maybe something along the lines of Swinesheads or BKs.

Only with reverse Firebird headstock. The mini toggle is a killswitch for the single coil.

All of these would be tapped, via push-pull.
Might as well post the dream rig too...

Wow, this eye candy is crazy! How much is one??
Black Jackson Dinky 2
Peavey Envoy 110
and that's it.
^Unfortunately, it's photoshopped.

I'd bet you could get one just like it for around $4000.
I would want an Ibanez neck thru RG, wizard neck Edge Pro but not with the walnut/maple neck and center. Id want the whole guitar and neck/headstock to be carved out of one big slab of aged honduran mahogany, no glued on body wings or headstocks. Then add on a bookmatched 3/4 inch quilted maple arch top finished in black cherry like a Hellraiser with black hardware and an EMG81 bridge/ 89 neck.
shape:sg mahogany
fretboard:ebony with dots
neck: mahogany
p.u.'s:gibson 57' calssic and plus or emg 81/60
bridge and tail:tonepros locking
(white SG, gold harware (which =secks))
^ How do you guys make those guitars? Photoshop or what?
Jackson SL3 Soloist
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Vader 4x12 Cabinet
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6space HEAD/RACK case
Korg DTR1000 Rack Tuner
Furman Power Conditioner
ISP Decimator

Black Burst Tele, with 2 EMG 81 pickups, and 1 EMG 85, ebony fretboard, Floyd Rose, and gold hardware
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Quote by Trell
one tone and one volume for all three of those humbuckers?

or is there some magic with the switch I'm not seeing?

Well on most guitars I see that have 3 humbuckers you have a push pull pot or other sort of switch to turn on the middle humbuckers
Quote by Danno13
^Unfortunately, it's photoshopped.

I'd bet you could get one just like it for around $4000.

haha nice guitar a bunch of guys on another forum created a guitar like that but its only a limited run of 7 custom esps each cost around the price of a new alexi laiho sig in aud. anyway as far as the sv standard concerned, and dont hold me to this but you will never be able to get your hands on one unless you import it yourself due to Jackson holding rights to the Randy Rhoads shape and after looking at one omg its hell killer
Hey Danno. that axe is sweet, is it in production? what model is that?
Current Rig:

Ibanez GRG270dx
DOD 40watt amp (don't know the model)
Dunlop Crybaby (moded)

I know it's sad but it'll do for now.

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Quote by Julian_Slash
Hey Danno. that axe is sweet, is it in production? what model is that?

its a SV Standard and it is production and yes it is sweet
SV standard? i checked their website and couldn't find it
Current Rig:

Ibanez GRG270dx
DOD 40watt amp (don't know the model)
Dunlop Crybaby (moded)

I know it's sad but it'll do for now.

Member of the Nasi Lemak Appreciation Club!
I'd want the Gibson SG Custom, the white with gold hardware and maestro tremolo and 3 pickups... im getting all excited just thinking about it

Either that or the Gibson Zakk Wylde Camo Les Paul

Proud owner of a Gibby LP Custom and an all-original Vintage '62 Fender Jag

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mine would be this;
Jackson Randy Rhoads shape (one of my fav. guitarists of all time)

rosewood fretboard

Black or white finish

no volume or tone controls or pickup switch (I only use the bridge pickup and always leave the tone and volume on 10)

EMG HZ-4 in bridge

Grover tuners

TonePros string thru bridge
Epiphone Custom 1966 SG w/EMG 85(B)
Epiphone Les Paul
Peavey Valveking
Boss SD-1 Overdrive; NS-2
Fender Tuner

Pirhana Inlays (24 frets)

DiMarzio X2N/ Tone Zone

Reversed Headstock

Alder counterpart:

SD LiveWires
Pirhana Inlays
Jackson SLSMG Soloist (JB/Jazz)
Roland Micro Cube

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ok i have a delma...

help me out...

okay i cant choose which i should continue with
guitar or bass...

with guitar its like an accomplishment, some thing u can do and the averge guy cant

with bass its like ripping out solos and it sounds soooo cool
Just a question, what site is it that you can make pictures of a rig like SuperAnalytical did on the first page?
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