Hey, I'm getting a guitar over the summer and I was thinking of the Schecter C-1 Elite:


I play Hard Rock and some punk and I was wondering if it's good for my genre or is there another guitar out there. The guitar is $999 at my local store, but I think I can bargain. Any suggestions? Pros and cons?

Thanks in advance
DEAR GOD! Do NOT pay, under ANY circumstance, 999 for this thing. Don't try to bargain, either. It's LIST price is lower than that, my friend. LIST.

Street is 549$. Musician's Friend will ship it to you for free.

And no, the Elite isn't that great. Look at the C-1 Hellraiser and C-1 Blackjack models. 649$ and 549$ respectively.
Dude, that's what its built for, metal and hard rock. It is a rock guitar. It rocks. I don't know how else to put it to you, but it will play rock.
the elite is great, only thing wrong with it is the pickups... lol i know i've got one. Dont pay $999 that = rip off , try to haggle them down to internet prices.

actually i just spotted your from canada ignore that haggle thing.
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I'd recommend the Blackjack over that, it's cheaper and has better pickups.
it has passive pickups so if you prefer that sound over the actives then go with it. I myself have an Avenger Hellraiser and love every aspect of it. And if you live anywhere near the border of canada and U.S.A then just jump over a buy one here, or use musicians friend. I payed 650 for my hellraiser and it beats the Elite. Which are very nice as is everything schecter makes, but the hellraiser series is the best they make.
your local guitar store is full of jackasses to try and charge 999 for that, thats BS, but agree totally with ^
Quote by hckfrk38
What's the difference between Passive and Active pickups?

Active pickups run on batteries and have a higher output are quiter and are made for intense metal. Passive pickups imo have a more defined tone and are more versatile tone. They don't require batteries either.
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Quote by hckfrk38
I'm in Canada
List in Canada is $1299 becasue of tarrifs

I live in Canada too, and $1299 is bullcrap. You're getting screwed over. I've got a deal for a Schecter C-1 classic (IMO nicer, and a helluva lot better looking than the Elite), where it'll come to ballpark $800, we just need to work out how its getting shipped here. Worse comes to worse, go online, and get it. You'll be able to get it shipped (for god's sake buy a hard-top case) and the case for under 1000 CAN. Best of luck, I'm in love with Schecters. lol
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