This is a song about what I think is wrong with my home country (Ireland). Its been 90 years since the uprising, our establishment of independence and I feel that we've really lost our traditional values and morals. It was written as I listened to Billy Braggs "Spy vs Spy" album. Feel free to (contructively) critcise this song!

Theres a black man on my television screen,
Telling me all police are cruel and mean,
Then turns around and shouts "Discrimination!"
"Is the poison in the blood of every nation".

So if you know a man like this
Whose words disgust and sicken you
Let him know that hes a rascist too

My father, like a false equestrian,
Says 'bloody immigrants again'
Where'd you go when you were p!ss poor,
Or did you think you were on tour?

I love you with my heart and limbs
But we can never be true friends
Unless you apologize and repent
And acknowledge that this ain't different.

So if you know a an like this
Whose words slic and sicken you
Let him know that he was an immigrant too

I see these girls who think they're it
Whose nose is in the clouds but belongs in the sh!t,
We all want to give them just what they deserve,
But none of us seems to have the nerve.

I don't think this is what they had planned,
When they fought and died for this great land,
90 years of liberty, so heres to
90 more of expressive slavery....

So if you know someone like this
Whose values are toiled and thrown askew
Let them know that they are ugly too
Fucking awesome!

My father, like a false equestrian,
Says 'bloody immigrants again'

I especially love those two lines! Really good. Crit any of mine? They're in my sig.
When I heard smoking would kill me, I bought shares in Dunhill and Marlboro - Thomas Geraghty

If we don't change it, nothing will fucking change.
This is some exallent songwriting. I wish I could write songs like this.
OOHHHH MY GOD the best thing i have read you are the awesomist. Check mine out even though I feel like a douche cause it sucks compaired to this one