so, for some unknown reason, i've decided to attempt to "contruct" a guitar this upcomming summer.

i think since its my first time, i'm going to try a "saga kit ht-10." which is like a PRS style guitar. just wondering if anyone think i should do something different.

i decided to do this because, even though i know all about the insides of a guitar (i fix em all the time) i've never actually assembled one.

basically: is this a good idea or not??? any other suggestions? when it comes to this stuff i'm a total noob. lolz
thank for any suggestions
Yeah its a good idea for learning finishing but Saga guitars suck. UNless you plan on changing pups and tuners and electronics it wont have much potential.
ok, any other kits you suggest then? i just said saga kit because they were the first ones i found, its not like i'm set on building one of those. and i've changed pickups on all of my guitars, so that wouldn't be much of a problem...but i'de really prefer not to
Well Saga's arent a bad kit to start with. They are the least expensive of most of the kits Ive found. But I think the one your talking about is like $150, right? Well if so and some of the other kits are $300 then I would just say stick with the Saga and swap pups because the bodies on them really arent that bad.
A fellow primus fan yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

yeah i havent had a chance to work on a sag kit b4 but good luck...let me know if u need any advice
^lolz, ya there deffinatly not enough primus fans around these parts

another random question: does anyone know of any good books or plans on building a PRS guitar? i could build the body....but probably not the neck:p "E-BAY HERE I COME!!!!"

^*just for future projects mind you*