Heard of them? Anyone? Spotted a beautiful les paul custom. How are they? Suzuki guitars, are they under the same company as the motorbike company?
yeah they are a motorike company. probably the hottest bikes out there! But I own a Suzuki electric piano, so I know they make instruments and other stuff. The piano I own is good, don't know about the guitar.
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Never heard of them got a link

I have heard of the motorcycle company though there the best next to Honda nobody beats honda
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Quote by audiorapist
there'd be some real nasty copyright HOOPLA! if they're not the same as the automotive company

Seeing as they're not in the same business, it's unlikely.
There strats dont seem so bad but that LP has to be absolute ****.

SOLID ALDER WTF you cant make a LP out of alder thats worse than a Low End Epi and its got a bolt on Neck

I say if you want a LP style guitar check out Agiles they are decnt for there price. That suzuki LP is crap
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alder body, bolt on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.... I wouldn't give this to my worst enemy. Although that tele does look really nice.
ive got an ancinet suzuki accoustic based on martin a dreadnought and its awesome. The electric modelss are probobly ok
defintly different from what I saw from the shop. From what the shop owner told me, its maghony + alder, and its a set neck
The Suzuki Violin Company has been making all kinds of string instruments since 1887. If you want a real classic guitar get a Suzuki because their styles havn't changed for over half a century but their guitars still meet the needs of modern guitarists.

I've got the Suzuki SCG-20 Seville. It's a pretty good acoustic and if you fit it with the right strings it is really awesome to play. It was made in Japan and features a solid spruce top, a mahogany neck, back and sides, a rosewood fingerboard and bridge and to top it all off it is finished with a natural high gloss. If anyone knows any more information about it like what kind of headstock, ect, it would be greatly apreciated if you would leave a comment. Thanks

By the way here's a pic of it: http://www.suzukimusic.com/guitars/images/guitars/scg20.gif
Hmm,is it a trend?Yamaha guitars,suzuki guitars?Are we gonna get Harley guitars soon?
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