Ok, it's been a year now that i play acoustic guitar, and after playing all the famous oasis, beatles, rolling stone soft songs i am out of ideas, and even very bored....

could somebody help me out? does anybody know a very catchy song that i could learn with my acoustic guitar?
i always found an acoustic version of sweet child of mine to be well recieved..... might want to check out the what songs thread....
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Fool around with some alternate tunings such as She Talks to Angels-Black Crowes

Also there are alot of great sounding CCR songs on acoustic, as well as Who songs, and don't be afraid to turn a regular electric piece into an acoustic song.
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I know I'm not helping that much but you could fool around with Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles a little bit and come up with some cool ways to play it.
spend a few minutes tuning and learn to play the rain song by led zeppelin....learn to play it and if you ahve a good acoustic it sounds amazing
alternate tunings as mentioned above are always a good way to spice things up....also try learning new techniques like fingerpicking etc.
wake the sun so the stars cant shine....
try and start learning classical gas. Its hard but once u get the hang of it, it is a great song