ok guys i want a tube amp... i want to get straight to something good..
i was thinking of the fender deville or maybe a traynor o a peavey classic 30..
i need versatility example: from hendrix and blues to metallica.
so any advice? thx!
pd: i dont really need a tube amp but i want one
my suggestions:

Traynor YCV50Blue
Marshall JCM800 combo
Marshall JCM900 combo (NOT the SL-X)
or if you can spend a bit more
Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Ace combo
of course Danno comes through with the amazing choices. Thats why he is worshipped.

But my pick would be the 800 combo you can get them on Ebay for around 1000 USD
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^I've seen 'em go for quite a bit less, on occasion.

EDIT not at the moment, though, they're all around 900.
hmm i dont have 1000!! god =(.. i was considering a used jcm but still to pricey..my max is 400-500.
but i think i can make the effort for that traynor..but any other "cheaper" suggestions? thx!! u guys are a really good help =)
ill check, but i wonder ill need a good overdrive pedal or dist if i wanna make them high gain right???
Yeah, they have about Guns n Roses level of gain (so, a lot, but not A LOT)

Use a booster like a SD-1 or Maxon OD9.
...Tube amps are amps powered by vacuum tubes rather than transistors.

Combos are amps with built in speakers
Halfstacks are amp heads set on top of one cabinet.
so if i play stuff liek green day, oasis etc should i e best etting a tube amp or comb or something
You have it a bit wrong.....

A tube amp is a type of amp: tube or solid state

From there, you can get either version of each type: tube combo, tube halfstack, ss combo, etc.

Now, in your budget, tube wise, you're barely going to be able to push out enough for a tube combo....

Maybe a peavey valve king....peavey XXX? The traynors are also very very good.
ok so i havent heard u guys said the deville is it any good its a 212 and its tube..how can it compare to the traynor?? thx!
Yeah a lot of fender silverfaces are pretty cheap used. Or you coudl look into a pignose g40v, I've heard some good stuff fmro them.
what about the peavey classic 30? i would like to know the main diferences between them? thx!
ok lets change something, lets say i need the amp for ROCk from soft to hard rock.. ithink its more direct. so what are my options. i think the traynor still a good option but it to pricey =(
I just got an Epiphone Valve Special for about 160. I think retail is about 240, depending on where you get it.

Great price, great tone. 3 Band EQ, Master Volume and Gain knobs. DSP not so cool, but I only use the Reverb, anyway. It's 5 watts, which is enough for me, cause it sounds like 20 or so.
They also have the Valve Standard, which is a 15 watt Class A tube amp.


The play soft rock and rock great. Add a pedal, and you've got hard rock or metal.
Listen to some eric clapton...that should give you a slight idea on the deville and what it sounds like
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Consider Carvin amps as well...MTS3212, X100B, Legacy, V3, all would do the job with the MTS or X100B being the most cost effective.
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what i really need is the best tube amp i can get for 500 or less. that is good for rock in general..
i know i have a lot of options.. and i heard the deville today pretty good , but still i cant make my desicion just like that =(..
^ What're you hoping to do with the amp? Gig with it? Play with a band? Practise?

15 watts tube is perfectly giggable, and for large venues you can mic it. 5 watts wouldn't cut it for gigging but might just be okay for playing with a band, easily enough for general practise on your own.
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