Ok, so here's an acoustic cover of Tool's Ænima that I did a long time ago. However, I wasn't fully happy with the vocals I recorded on it the first time, so I redid them. Alas, I'm not really able to determine which set of vocals is better (aka, which one sucks less).

So, if you could listen to both versions and tell me which one has the better vocals, I'd be immensely grateful

Just a warning, the're both pretty bad


Crit for crit

Ps - If anyone would actually be interested in recording vocals for this themselves, that would be even better =D
Or if you don't want to listen to two, you can just listen to one and tell me what you think about it...
Sounded a million times more emo. Sorry dude but this gets a thumbs down.
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^ More emo? Are you calling Tool emo?!

Anyways, if the lyrics are exactly the same, and the music is just happier and more lighthearted, I think this'd be just the opposite...
To be honest, i really wasn't that big of a fan of it, i couldve been pretty good if you used electric, but thats just my opinion, vocals weren't that hot, but hey, i suck complete ass at singing, so you're better than me, im not saying that the guitar is bad, i just didnt like the way it was done
I think it sounded sort of emo at times too...

It just sounded too hobbled together....sorry dude.
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Your guitar sounded sorta out of tune. But, the riffs weren't bad. It sounded more like speaking than singing. The "****ing" part sounds sorta weird over the soft acoustic as does the rest of the lyrics to be honest. Aenema is definitely a distorted electric song.
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^^ exactly what i was thinking
It's not that you were palying ur instrument bad or anything, i just didnt think it fit at all, vocals, well not toooo great, but not tooo bad, once again it would prolly be a whole different story w/ a different song
^ So would this work if I changed the lyrics?

Sadly getting a better vocalist probably isn't an option

Also, I'm thinking of converting this to piano. Do you think it would it sound better and "fuller" that way?
I don't know...certain songs just seem to fit best to distorted electric guitars and intense drumming. In my opinion, a majority of Tool songs are this way. It's always interesting to hear different takes on the same thing though so I would encourage trying the piano thing.
And here's a vocal tip (from somebody who can't sing at all): you should probably try singing a bit above or at normal conversation level if you can. It almost seems like you're whispering.
I think your best bet is to not make the entire song acoustic, but instead add some acoustic elements to what's there. It's very difficult to change a cover song completely and make it work. A Perfect Circle does this well but again, it's tricky. It's much easier and most times better if you add to the song in some way.

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