ive been playing guitar for about three years and the whole time ive had a crappy 10 watt drive amp that cost me 30 bucks lol, so i think its time for a very nice upgrade. by the end of the summer i will have about 1,000 to 1,500 $ u.s. I have a 1987 westone pantera 350x for my guitar, and i love it to death because the neck so smooth and worn in from being played for 20 years by my uncle so and the pickups are amazing, so all my money is going to the amp. i play a lot of alternative, reggae, and jam band stuff. i also play some blues and jazz, and i have a pretty good number of pedals, ie: distortion, wah, chorus, and digital delay. so what be the best amp for me? oh yeah, i would prefer a tube amp
^What the hell?

Dude, you want a Fender. Look at the high end ones, like the Twin Amp and the Dual Reverb.