Ok heres the deal: By the end of summer I hope to have made 1800 CANADIAN dollars and I need a new amp and guitar. I want the guitar to be good enough to play stuff like Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu on and I need the amp to be about 30-50 watts. Got any ideas for either? Oh, and my budget is about 1300$ (Canadian).
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30-50 watts ss or tube. if tube take a look at fender hot rod deluxe and a distortion/overdrive pedal or traynor ycv40. as for guitar the Ibanez rg1570 prestige
well you could get a schecter c-1 FR, and a 5150 combo

both used

off ebay

and you should be good.

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^ Those pickups are $250 EACH in Canada (because of shipping and conversion)!! If you don't mind buying online, and can get the guitar shipped to Canada (assuming your there since you did say Canadian dollars) try for a C-1 Hellraiser. It'll give you the sounds you want (I think those Avenged guys play them, so...). Amp wise, You should be able to get a Traynor YCV 40, but if you can, get the Tryanor YCV 50 Blue. Both are nice tube amps that should sound fine for what you want with a little added distortion.
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