ok so I've redone two of my covers, this time with backing tracks and hopefully less hiss overall.

AGTTHOT is an old one I haven't gotten round to yet, but that'll be done soon, so ignore the hiss/lack of backing track.

please crit the other two covers, tone wise but more importantly playing wise.

I will crit back.


EDIT: I know the end of the solo to like light to flies is different, I just can't do the sweep part so thought I'd try something different with it
covers here
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So Yea, I'll start with 'A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation'. Over all, pretty good, kinda impressed with the solo cause I could make it out, but you definately need a little bit more practice with it. I'd slow it down when your practicing and just play it over and over and over, and speed it up a little, play it over and so on. But the whole like..second verse type thing....Where the lead takes over ...w/e you call it... That part wasn't bad, it got kinda fuzzy and couldn't make it out that well but, it definatly wasn't bad..ive been working the whole furry of notes part for awhile and have yet to get that up to speed..

Now, 'Like Light To Flies', wasn't bad either, and I could make out most of it. But the solo in this one...was way too sloppy, need alot of work on it, but I could make out all of the main parts, ending didn't sound right though. But the Verse and chorus were real good, good timing and you got the feel for it too.

Edit: Yea...i just got what AGTTHOT ment so..ha...sorry lol.
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