Whenever I try to export my files as WAV's, it ends up cutting out more than half the track. The track willl be playing and at about 00:30 it'll just stop playing, the track will still be playing but theres no sound...Then it comes in for about another random 30 seconds like a minute later. Same thing happens when I export it as an MP3, using the LAME MP3 thing. Its alittle frustrating. So, does anyone perhaps know what going on? Should I just reinstall it?

thanks in advance.
alright. I just re-installed it, and I found that, that wasent the problem.
Sry that i dont have an answer for you but I can suggest that instead of using the "LAME mp3" exporter. I find it easier to export a WAV then convert it to mp3 using one of the free converters out there.
well. It gets chopped up when I convert it to a WAV, not just MP3. I used to do it without LAME, and it would always shorten my tracks, so I would have to guess and put a lot of dead silence at the end of the track to get the whole thing on. Thanks for the suggestion though.