Hey. I'm thinking of building a strat, but making a neck seems to ambitious to me so I'm buying a neck to fit the body I'll make. But I want to make the body first. This is stressing me out over the scale and the bolt on joint. Help?
Okay your scale is kind of hard to figure out at first. But its actually quite simple. To find out where the bridge is supposed to go all you have to do is measure from the nut to the end of the 12th fret, then take the number you just got and go from the end of the 12th down to that number and theoretically thats where the bridge should set. Lining it ups is another story, but again its not that hard. All you really need is a tape measure a square and some basic math skills.
But that's if you already have the neck, right? All I know is that it's 25 1/2 inch scale. My problem is whether I should wait on carving out the neck joint and placing the bridge till I get the neck.
OH OK I misunderstood. I thought you already have the neck. Yeah you'll want to wait until you get the neck before you go trying to set the bridge and carving the neck pocket. Basically the bridge position and scale depend on the neck pocket. So once you get the neck decide where it will mount to the body then scale and bridge position are pretty easy.
Alright, thanks!
One more question. Can carving the neck pocket be done after painting? I'm spending the summer at my grandparents' and my grandpa is very good with electronics and woodworking, so I want to get as much done as possible with him.
I would carve the neck pocket before you paint. And the scale goes from the inside edge of the nut to the front of the bridge.