well ive been playing about a week and a half now. Ive learned about 3 songs i think.
NiKi FM, the James Bond theme ( made it up got borred lol ), and a song of my own which i really like.

well ive learned hammer-ons and pull-offs and i cant really think of anything else to learn. so at this moment all im doing is improving my alternate picking and speed.

but theres a really big problem im having which i KNOW i need to improve on and was wondering if you could help. well the thing is that I can playn i think 3-4 notes per string at the moment. but when i try to change over to a different string, I kinda slow down and look at the neck and position myself in a way where it takes time and just stops the song for a moment.

any way of improving that? and also what else is there for me to learn that would be helpful in improving my overall playing skills?
i started by shutting my eyes put youre middle finger at any fret any string and try to strike the same string it helped me to get a feel of where my hand belong
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Are you talking about single note lines? If so, moving about the fretboard will come with time.

Learn some open chords next mate - I suggest learning all the chords in the key of C, as thats a good place to start.

    C     Dm    Em    F     G    Am    

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if u wanna start playing one note a string and swtich try the intro to sweet child o mine by guns n roses and u should learn open chords b4 u go one learning pull offs and hammer ons....when you're done with that there are things we call string bending and tapping...but learn open chords to get a feel of where strings are and to build up strenght in your fingers.
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