I posted this sound clip in the riffs and recording section but I only got one reply so I though you guys could help, I've been playing a few years and I've started trying improvisation etc and I'm wondering how to improve upon it as it isn't too great at the moment. Any help appreciated!
One thing you need to work on is your phrasing. It was fairly homogeneous
throught the clip.

Timing is another thing and it goes along with phrasing. Listen and feel the beat
more. Don't feel like you have to fill up every second with a solo. Your timing was
off in some spots.

Bends. Sounded like when you did do a bend you didn't quite hit the note.
Also get some virbrato in there too.

Overall, it wasn't that bad. There really weren't any wincing moments. But, then
again, it's not something anyone would want to listen to for very long.

You used all minor pentatonic. You can work on all the above things and still get
a decent sound out of just minor pent (see my dmusic example of simple blues
solo where I just use minor pent 1st position throughout). So, you can work
on all of the above that way. But, eventually that gets stale and you'll want to
mix in major pent, myxlodian, dorian, chromatic....
I think I'm going to start lessons soon so I can learn some theory, do you think that would help?
Mainly watch out for your timing.
it sounded like you were pushing one too many notes at the wrong tempo to keep the timing.

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Lessons can't really hurt. Depends on the teacher, you and what they're teaching.
The more theory you know the better.

IMO, the single most important thing is technique because if your body cannot do
what you want it to, all the theory in the world won't help as much. You also
just have to practice improvising to get better at it.