I?m planning to buy a new amp and have 500? ( that?s 650$ ) to spend on it.
I don?t have a specific genre that I play so it has be versile.
I was thinking about a Peavey valve king ( the 112 combo or the 212 combo ) or a Vox Valvetronix AD 60 VT.
But i don?t know if they are good or if there is something better on the market for that price.
If you want versitility, the Vox AD60VT would be great for you, lots of options and so on.

But, play a load of amps in your price range and see what you like.
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It's kind of hard to reccomend you an amp without a style/genre, but i'll try. The Peavey Valveking is a good amp for classic rock and blues, has decent cleans, and only enough gain to get hard rock. With an Overdrive, it will have enough gain to get metal, but nothing heavier than Metallica/Megadeth type stuff. It's a good tube amp for a budget, but you have enough to get more. The Vox Valvetronix AD60VT is an all around great amp that can do any genre well, with tons of effects to choose from, but since it's a hybrid amp, it doesn't get the great tube breakup the Peavey will. Out of the two, the Vox is probably the better buy for you. If you want to look at better tube combos, than look at Traynors and Laneys.
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Check out second hand marshalls and the peavey classic series too.
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If i realy have to say a genre it will be rock/alt rock/ hard rock/hardcore/ metal/ classic rock
and can I with these amps play along with a drummer?
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You should look at a Roland Cube 60 too, compare it to the AD60, see which one you prefer.

Yea, you'll be able to play along with a drummer.
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Don't be afraid to care"

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I do not like the valveking personally. It's far too bland and flat. You could get a much better sound out of the AD60 IMO.