I am interested in creating a concept type album or song and i want to know what type of chords and interval movements can create different feelings and emotions, Such as fear, anger, love, funny, happy, sad, and any other emotions or feelings you can think of. Who knows this can even turn into a mini lesson of sorts. Thank you for who ever reads or helps.
You just have to portray your emotions as you see fit. If we tell you how to do it it's no longer your emotions creating music now is it?
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a big part in showing the emotion in music is dynamics. if you play very hard that could show anger or excitement. if you play softly it could show sadness or love.
Yeah, you just gotta let it flow, man. Put true passion into writing, and write for writing, when you actually feel these emotions... Don't just fake it.
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I dont think you all actualy read what i wrote. I already knew the Major minor thing (thank you anyway) and the dynamics was helpful. But I know there are certain chords and scales that will give you those feelings.
Definition of a concept album: A record that tells a story through each song of the record.
I have already written the story and it portrays these emotions I just need to know a basic guideline to portraying them.
Thank you all for looking at this though.
maybe i dunno a diminished would be a chord for anger i think and the sus2 and sus4 chords could be like relaxed and laid back kinda stuff u know well if you know how to mix it with different chords.
Work with diynamics a lot. That usually comes natural when you're into the music, but make sure to incorperate them into your music. It really gives your music emotion and feel.
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Mess around with add9 chords and such as they give very nice sounds that would suit the happy songs. Just try to find a sound that sounds sad ( and most of the time it depends what note/chord you're coming from ).
the only advice i have youre probably gonna think sucks but buy an effects processer. and mess around with things like the phaser or flanger.