ok i wanna start recording my music, not like to make it sound really good or anything, but i dont have like a mac or anything, so does anyone know like a method of recording, maybe getting my music onto a disk that doesnt require me buying like a 100-300 dollar peice of equipment or programing?

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Download Audacity. It's free. Just google Audacity.
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you probably want to look around the riffs and recordings forum to get some info. one of the cheapest ways to record just your guitar is to start by downloading one of the free recording programs (audacity, kristal, reaper, etc.). then you go to radio shack and buy a cable that has two male ends, one 1/4" (instrument size) and the other end 1/8" (headphone size). you can also get a little adapter, that converts a regular guitar cable (2 1/4" male ends) to have one 1/8" male end, but the adapter soundes worse than just a cable.

now, you have a couple options here as well. if you have a line out on your amp, start by plugging your gutiar into the amp as normal. then run your new cable from the line out to the line in port on your computer. open your recording prog and make sure line in is selected for recording. then you can record away. if you dont have a line out on your amp, then you just run that new cable straight from your guitar to the line in on your comp (or pedals in between if you want/have some). its the same thing, just doesnt have the amp EQ in the signal path.

thats probably the best cheap way ive found to record. you can actually get some good results if you EQ things well and add some effects tastefully.
if you have a mic and the right adapters you cna cut out the need for a mixer. Have the mic as close to the amp as you can with out it touching it. As for recording programs you can get the line 6 guitar port for 99 it the cheapest i think ive seen (if you get that you wont need a mic) that or search P2Ps for versions of cool edit pro, that works well.
just go amp to computer, or if you have pedals, then pedal to computer and skip the amp, you can download a full version of adobe audition which is 1000 times better than audicity.