ok im a very stupid person. i can play pretty well and right now like me and my dad for fun just play simple old songs of his that i think are stupid, but i always just improv around during the songs for fun. after we are done playing im always like "yea, that song sucks" and hes always like "well wut are some songs you like? lets play some 'good' songs" so im like ok, but i never remember any good songs that i like to play, or any at least that arent like weirdly structured, so coulde anyone like suggest some classic songs, or just some that are good rock, but still have like a simple structure? thank yooouu
a lot of ac/dc, clapton, zeppelin, blue oyster cult, and any thing from the who
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Stuff by The Kinks is generally pretty easy.
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Deep Purple and Rainbow (2 of my favorite bands) have some reasonably easy stuff as well as some slightly more challenging.
Smoke On The Water is a classic
Catch the Rainbow is a really nice, soft song, with an easy solo
Gates of Babylon just sounds awesome
Highway Star is fun, especially if you can find someone to play the keyboard parts
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