What should I clean my guitar with, one day I used a Lysol wipe and my mom said it might damage my guitar beacuse it contains alcohal. So, what is the best thing to use or what do you use?
use dunlop formula 65, makes it shine incredibly. Don't use anything else, b/c if it contains anything with 'ol at the end, it may be dangerous.
I just use a duster and a bit of breath to wet the finish slightly. Works wonders, and there's no chemicals in it (unless you've been drinking of course...)
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i use a plain cloth and a tiny bit of water for the paint....dont let the water sit there...and i use lemon oil for the neck..its the cheapest, easiest way
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The little clothes you get from the optomotrist's to clean your glasses with work wonders.
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Planet Waves makes amazing stuff too. And it smells so good. ; )
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I use C.F. Martin & Co Martin Professional Guitar Polish. It was like 5 bucks for it, and it lasts a freakin long time (unless you have tons of guitars to polish) and it shines up very nicely.

and yeah, lemon oil for the fretboard, its like 2-3 bucks (at guitar center anyways)

and when your polishing use a non lint extremely soft cloth. I used the guitar center one until it got too bad, then I went to walmart and picked up a 3 dollar buffer for buffing cars, it works great.
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I use one of those Swiffer rags that picks up the dust and stuff. Then, I use a normal dry towel to get all those fingerprints and stuff off of it.
what works best to get under the strings of your guitar to remove dust, especially between the pickups and bridge?
Quote by Glen'sHeroicAct
what works best to get under the strings of your guitar to remove dust, especially between the pickups and bridge?

Taking the strings off and cleaning it. Honestly, by the time you get around to trying to waggle around the strings, it'll take more time and hassle than just taking the strings off, giving it a nice cleaning, and re-stringing it up. Unless of course you have a FR. IMO those are a total bitch to change strings with.
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