So many people these days think that just because they are Slipknot or Metallica junkies, that they could play guitar. This, my friends, is one of the biggest and most annoying versions of a poser ever. (If you haven't already figured out, posers bug the heck out of me) Sure, just about anyone can pick up an axe and pluck out the sketchiest version of a one-string Smoke On The Water ever, but if you're interested in that, play the bass, also, a widely butchered instrument.

Anyway, i digress. To combat this ever-growing flood of posers, i have come up with three basic abilities that everyone who calls themselves a guitar player must have.

1. Every guitar player must be able to name the six strings.(e,B,G,D,A,E) If the poser-in-question cannot answer this, don't even bother with the next two questions.

2. Every guitar player must be able to form these basic Open Chords:E,F,G,A,C,D. Excluding B, because that is to difficult to be formed, unless using a barre chord.

3. Every person who calls themselves a guitar player must be able to read music. Tabs don't count, and neither does those simple letters above the lyrics, but quarter notes, eighth notes, and a good knowledge of the Treble clef. True, tabs can be a good help, but they lack the key signature, time signature, and other essential information.
No player can ever be truly good at guitar and not know how to read music. You cannot truly play in a band if you cannot read music. How could you play a good part that links with the bass, or keys, if you don't know how to to read music? Also, if you ever get lost it's a safe bet that you are screwed for the rest of the song.

If ther is anyone who you think is a guitar poser, ask the three previous questions to figure it out for sure.

Anyone who knows these things has the official right to call themselves a guitar player.

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um...clapton and hendrix didn't read music....i guess they sucked and couldn't play in bands then?

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dude, hendrix couldnt read music. . .but your right hes a poser. . .FAG!
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if I ever see a greenday kid throwing up the horns while listening to greenday, I'm going to have to kick his ass. I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to throw up the horns, just not to greenday.
I can't read music on guitar, but I can on violin, viola, and piano, and I know a bit of theory from those. Furthermore, I play mainly by ear, so if I want to play a part with the keys and bass, I listen to what it sounds like, and figure it out in like 3 minutes. I don't believe that makes me a poser, but you can think what you want.
You are so full of ****. Knowing how to read music, not tabs, like c'mon... i cant read sheet music for the life of me. So i am not a guitarist or guitar player....???? Shut up asshole. I have been playing for 4 years, and would like to think i am a pretty good guitar player. I have tried to learn music theory, but get bored with it after a few minutes, i would much rather just play than learn time sigs, keys, quarter notes..... I think if you play guitar and you love it, go ahead call yourself a guitarist. Who cares.
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you shouldnt have left your name because you will be hunted and reamed a new one, better hurry up and go jump off a bridge with a rock tied to your foot so you dont receive a big ol load of man gravy. . .you really pissed some people off
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Quote by Archaon
if I ever see a greenday kid throwing up the horns while listening to greenday, I'm going to have to kick his ass. I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to throw up the horns, just not to greenday.
I agree with you... kinda. You make some good points, but you also spew a lot of bollocks.

Granted, reading music is helpful... but it's by no means essential. Do you have Guitar Pro? Brilliant tab program. Sure, from just reading tabs on a Notepad document you don't know the rhythms of the piece properly, but on GTP you do because it'll play it back for you. You don't need to read music to play in a band, or to be a good musician. For example, I know people who will say 'the major scale that starts on the lowest string played open goes 0,2,4 then next string 0,2,4 then next string 1,2' and have no idea what the names of those notes are, but they know that that's the scale that goes with the chord that is played (this is across the strings) 022100, so that's that key. You don't need to read music to be good at playing guitar.

I can read music, but I barely ever actually do when playing guitar - tabs are so much easier. I read music playing piano, or trumpet, and I know what everything means and the appropriate names, and all the note names actually on the guitar, but why make something harder for yourself? Tabs show you straight off. And if you're only just starting to learn (which I am not, but every day many people are) then tabs are indispensable. And if you say 'well if you learn off tabs you're a poser' then that's even more rubbish because everybody has to start somewhere, even if you can read music beforehand you can't just start off on a guitar and know what note goes where, unless you have perfect pitch, and if you're just starting off on a new instrument for the first time that's extremely unlikely.

EDIT: Seems other people said what I was saying while I was typing... well... Amen, brothers and sisters

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i dont read sheet music, but ive been in a band two years already. goddamit your a moron. Try playing foul bvody autopsy by necrophagist without listening to it just from the noted. Don;t post on UG again untill you can do that
ur an idiot, reading music is not essential, listen to the song, get the tab, figure out the time signature/tempo and all that shi-t for urself, I can't read music but i'll bet you anything I can still school you on guitar, look how many amazing guitar players have been listed here that can't read music, that speaks volumes about your crappy article.
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can you read and play this sheet music.

then by your logic you're not a guitar player
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
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can you read and play this sheet music.

then by your logic you're not a guitar player

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screw that reading music, so mant guitarists and other artist's dont know how, and its annoying anyway.. tabs are easier, why go after reading sheet music when its harder, why go for something harder, when easier tab's are here! just to be cool and saying......

i can read sheet music! im better than you!!