Hey, anybody here know this label or like any of the bands on it? It's basically an Indie label based out of Australia. I learned of it when i got the album "Skeleton Jar" by Youth Group, a truley amazing and beautiful album. Here are some of the bands on the label

Youth Group
The Red Riders
The Stands
The city Lights
78 Saab

I'm starting to like the red riders and the stands but i can't find much about them, seems that they arent very popular.

I just wanted to know if you guys know they bands and this label, and what you think about it.

check it out
http://www.ivyleague.com.au/ label site
http://www.youthgroup.com.au/ Youth Group site

i dont know what the Fuck this smiley is doing
I've heard of Youth Group, and The Stands ring a bell, but never heard of the label.
What are '78 Saab like? I've always liked old Saabs for some reason, so I may have to check them out later on.
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oh well i havent checked them out('78 saab) yet i just know they are on the label

yeah i knew of none of these bands until i started getting into youth group
the stands are definetely pretty good as well

i dont know what the Fuck this smiley is doing