so i am looking for a pickup (bridge humbucker( to give me the squeals i want with pinch harmonics (like dime). I said i wanted a dimebucker a while back but everyone said they are muddy... so any suggestions for a good metal pickup?
i have a dimarzio x2n in the bridge of my jackson. great pickup.
the bill larwence dime originally used is a good choice
also if you want active check out the emg 81.

those are good pickups for pinches and output.
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Bare Knuckles have the reputation of being the best humbuckers on the market, period. The problem is that they're expensive and rather tough to get in the united states.

Personally I'd also look at DiMarzio's... Duncans and EMGs are always excellent but tend to be a bit smooth and rich for the really hevey stuff...

But really I've only played guitars equiped with the lower three, though I've heard some fantastic sound bits of the BKs and they sound FANTASTIC.