that sum pretty gud stuff!! id come n cya, except i live in the midlands nd i cant b arsed 2 go all the way 2 london! the recordings great, top quality, im liken the loose lead parts, they all fit very well!! the bass riff is pretty ace on you should know, spot on!
Nice funky guitar in Challenge the Rule! Also, the drums are nice (the fast bit, I think they are hi-hats) Vocals are not my style, but I didn't hear any false notes in it. Overall, the song makes me feel like dancing! Especially the instrumental part

Union sounds good, love the guitar tone at about the first minute or so. Is it wah? Mostly I don't like wah at all, but it just.. fits in perfectly. Less appeal than the first song, though.

Not much to say about You should know. Misses some sort of catchieness imo.

Overall I want to compliment you about how tight everything is! Nice tones etc

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Bass playing is awesome man. Singer sounds crisp and has this "cool swagger" to his voice.

the break in 1:18 is tight. This song is really catchy man, i mean i dont really know what to critique about it, you guys went in with ideas and came out with solid tracks. Job complete in my book. Its all about getting it out now.

Not sure if its your style or not, but it would be cool if you guys broke into jams during your songs, and not the "melodic solos", but an actual jam as the peppers do, and all big bands from back in the day. I know your guys should be up for the idea, give it a shot do it for the same bar legnth as the break in the 3 minute mark, but make it improv in the key.

Seriously tight work man, one of the best recorded here.

Crit me please, im no where near that recording level. But bear with it ;D

yeah, challenge the rule reminds me alot of red hot chili peppers, good stuff man. vocals are nice and cool and the music is very "funky" i like it
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i really like this, very cool, we have just recorded our EP, please take a listen and tell me what u think, much appreciated;-)
cheers guys, we're defo funk influenced... stone roses, the jam, bootsy collins,parliament,all give us our style i think...
endorse, I've added you as a friend on myspaz...i'll chat to you there mate