Well I'm on a very tight budget of 300$ I have a 5 year experience with guitar, though only 2 with electric guitar..and I'm looking to buy a new guitar, since a have just this crappy washburn.

I consider myself an intermediate player so I'm looking for something that0ll suit me...inside that range, so I basically reduced the list to Jackson JS30KV King V, Jackson, JS30KE kelly or (my favourite) an ESP LTD M100 FM.

now, I'm asking because i've seen some pretty bad reviews about those three guitars, but they're my fav's and i can afford them, I especially like the ESP 'cause its got a Floyd Rose and...that's pretty hard to find at that price range.

I play mostly classic rock, hard rock and metal so I'd really apreciate your opinions and suggestions about these guitars and any other within that price range that I overlooked

Ibanez SoundGear SR300DX Bass

Digitech BP200
Quote by eviledge87
i've heard BC Rich guitars are good more metal and hard rock

I agree and i know this guy and thats what he had .(warlock)
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I'd definetly pick the ESP...theyre good for metal and the floyd rose bridge is another good thing about it even tho its a licensed one...and it looks nice. In my opinion ESP makes the best metal guitars.
don't get the esp ltd the wood sucks. go for a the jackson.If you pay a bit more you can get a decent dinky( the shape is like the esp ltd)
bc rich's are great but with the money you have you won't be able to get a good bc rich
yeah, i know about the BC Rich I like their shape but they are too much 'metal' for me, Im more Classic rock/Hard rock than the metal.
I don't have more because I'm not in the US or Canada, so shipment fees are high..around 150 170$...

The esp ltd wood's bad? :O i didn't know that.

So of those 2 jackson (or any other suggestion) what would you pick?

Ibanez SoundGear SR300DX Bass

Digitech BP200
in wich brand?

Ibanez SoundGear SR300DX Bass

Digitech BP200
ok, so I should get the jackson better?

Ibanez SoundGear SR300DX Bass

Digitech BP200
that's what i would go with, but i heared that schecter are really good
yeah me too...it's a shame that they're over my price range.
a shame that the jacksons dont have a floy rose licensed.
but they're good n' sexy xD.
thanks anyway for the help, I would've bought the ESP but I'll get the deep metallic red King V....I'll buy some Swineshead humbuckers for it later on.
Thanks a LOT for the help!

Ibanez SoundGear SR300DX Bass

Digitech BP200
i'd say save up a bit more cause u've been play for a while and you probably will grow out of those guitars pretty quickly
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