Is there any way I can get a good metal sound out of a peavey classic using some sort of an overdrive pedal. Even if I do overdrive it will it still reach levels such as metallica, shadows fall, iron maiden etc?
Some of the other UGers told me that a Boss SD-1 could drive a Classic 30 into Metallica territory, but I haven't personally tried it.
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An overdrive pedal will definitely be able to drive it to Metallica levels. No problem.
just an od? im not sure about at lower volumes but it shouldnt be that hard at higher volumes. id just suggest to go ahead and get a distortion pedal but if your set on getting OD look into the maxon od. ive heard alot of good things about it
I just made a thread about this...Jesus, buddy, learn how to search.

I went to Sam Ash today and tried a Peavey Jack Daniel's (similar to a Classic 30) with a Boss Metal Zone and it was awesome.
Try one out with an overdrive pedal and find out.

But, it won't sound nearly as good as an amp made for metal.
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