How do I install LEDs into my Epiphone G-400 or my Yamaha Strat knock off? I know that there is another thread for this, but it isn't getting answers. If anyone can provide me with some information or better yet, a website with a tutorial, I would be most grateful.
I dont know if this answers your question or not, but oh well.

Is there enough room under your pup? Is there also room in the pot cavity? Because if there is, I would put a 9 volt battery in the cavity, and put wire through the holes where the wires for the pickups go. Stick the LED in with the pickup, and solder the wires to the LED.

A while back, I decided to trick out my xbox, and put LEDs in it. And thats all I did. put wires on the LED and attached them to the battery. Heres the xbox, btw:


(the LEDs are more blue)

But ya. It wasnt that hard. And if you are worried about to much power, go and get a resister. Which kind? Dunno.

Hope that helps.
Now I really feel stupid. I don't know the names of some parts of the guitar (pups pots for example) I just play it. any1 care to help me out?
Pups are pickups. You know, the things that 'pick up' sound, right under the strings?

Pots are the part of knobs and the like that are INSIDE the guitar's body. I dunno if that's a great def. though.
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I know what pick ups are. I just didn't know the shorthand.

I'm Looking at my guitar right now and it doesn't look like there is any room for anything. I was thinking of goin to radio shack tomorrow to get a battery pack and switch, then mount them to the back of the guitar. Then drill holes in the body of the guitar to run the LEDs through. However this idea leaves my wires exposed. Any suggestions?

My guitar:
After thinking about LEDs for the past couple days, Im going to do it to mine! Ill take pics of how I do it.

Im just using 2 blue LEDs (from the xbox ), a switch, solder (with iron), and some wires

Im going to put them under the pickups (or pups), and use the extra hole in the body (where a knob is supposed to be).

Ya. Ill put pics up when Im done with work!