I still haven't determined wether the best place was guitar gear or here...so here it goes!

Well today I bought casters(wheels) to go on my Crate. Problem is, the bastards are too small and fall off every two seconds. So I ask you people, is there any way to make them fit? Like something I can put on them to fill up space, etc. etc...or shall I be doomed casterless?
^ Yeah.
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Nein....on my Fender Rumble 100 I had to shove them. These are just to small...they keep falling off every two seconds. It's highly annoying.
can't you drill holes in the bottom of the amp and bolt the casters on.
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I don't understand. Did you just stick them under the amp and expect them to stay put? Screw them into the bottom of the amp. You could also screw plywood scabs to the bottom of the amp and shoot the casters into the scabs.
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