So, this are the first two midis I've made that will hopefully be recorded by a small band that my friends and I are starting. These two songs are really easy to play, but I hope that once lyrics are added they might sound better. I just started playing electric guitar about half a year ago, so these two songs aren't wickedly awesome or anything, but I would still like it if you guys could review the songs and give me some feedback. Both songs are in the attached file. They both don't have titles yet, but as I write lyrics, hopefully a title will come to mind. All feedback is appreciated!
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They were decent. As you said they were pretty simple. They get pretty repetitive. I'm sure that will change with a vocal line.
The new song:
Intro was catchy.
I kinda heard an off beat (ska beat) in the riff right after the intro
But after said riff. in the chord proggression part, it was kinda skippy. I think you should just make it a big dramatic chord proggression. just like a simple but catchy chorus
After the breakdown, it kinda falls apart and picks up again in the chorus
But, great job
Catchy song
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Interesting. Yes they were a bit repetitive, yet if you are planning to add vocals, then they should be just fine.
I agree. They're both really catchy, but after a few bars, you do tend to expect something else and you just don't get it.
The new song would be really good with vocals. Oh, and I like the bass solo.
The other one, I think it also needs vocals, but it needs a little more instrumentals (that isn't repetitive) I think. Especiall if it's gonna be over 11 minutes.
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