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I haven't played a Danelectro, but I like that first one. I do have a Danelectro distortion pedal though.

danelectros have sweet necks and sound cool, the reissues are WAY better made than the originals, they sound like nothing else, very jangly, like the bastard child of a Gretsch and a fender Broadcaster....

they make good pedals too

the first guitar is the convertible, which is an electro-acoustic
its a sweet sounding electric, and a horrible sounding acoustic, it rocks from what i hear
Airline guitars:

Hagstrom Goya
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I like this new one:
It's better with no teeth, trust me. Much fewer scars on my penis now that I've switched from seniors in high school to senior citizens.
Old Kay hollowbodies are pretty sweet. I like all the Airlines except for the Jack White one.
I played a wicked Danelectro Baritone at R&R a few months back, awesome tone. wouldnt recommend tho if you're gonna use it to play metal songs in B standard
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isn't that the one with the scale length that makes no sense??

It has a 25.5" scale length, that's normal.
i was gonna buy a danelectro off ebay like the 1st one, they look so awesome, i like vintage shapes
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The guitar I first learned to play on was a 1960s Harmony Rocket. Lowest buzz-free action I've ever played.
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oh, dont they have an odd semi-baritone but tuned to bass one too?

No, that's the Hellcat VI.

It's tuned an octave down and has a 30" scale length.