Hey guys,
I just was wondering of anyone has experience with Avatar cabinets. I recently got a Mesa/Boogie Dual Recto and I now have to track down a cabinet. I was originally dead set on a Mesa 2x12 Rectifier cabinet but after reading some reviews of Avatar cabinets, i'm considering one since they cost less. I don't really have the option to try an Avatar cabinet since I live in Canada and the only distributer in Canada is across the country from me. So, will it sound similar to a Mesa cab and how good are they overall? Sorry about the long post and thanks.
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I beleive IbanezSZ4Life has a Dual Recto and an Avatar 4x12, wait for him for a full review on it or PM him.
From what I have heard, they are great cabs and great values. The recto cab is going to have more low end than the avatar. Other than that, like said. Wait for ibanez to give you the full review.
de ja vu (sp?)

see if you can find ibanez4life_sz!'s cabinet searching thread. he was in the exact same situation you're in now.
bleh, carvin legacy cab will pwn both.

and there is no compitetion between a mesa cab and an avatar cab. mesa pwns it.
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you could go with a mesa boogie 2x12 with the black shadow c90 on top and ev 200w on bottom. its kinda hard to find but I got mine off ebay so perhaps you can get one too. the cab has absurb bottom end and is voiced well with mesa heads. check it out
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