Okay, I have a BC Rich Warlock Bronze. It was my first electric guitar, and my only one. I do have a body to a BC Rich KKV (which Im wanting to sell), and Im going to use some parts from that.

But my question is, what can I do to "jazz" it up? I have a dremmel (spelling?) tool, which tons of different heads I can put on. I also have a soldering iron, but thats it for tools. I mainly want to do something to the neck, but body work is cool too.

Ive put in my own pups, so dont worry about that.

Any help would be awesome

ps. I want to make this as cheap as possible, seeing that if I had money, I would just buy a better guitar.
I dont know yet. Just want some ideas people have, and how to do them.

If I like the idea, and I think its do-able, then I might do it

Its just....plain. And I have an internship, so I dont have money to get a new one.