I just got a new Chrome Blue American Strat with a maple fretboard and was wondering some other good color options or designs on the pickgaurd besides the plain white that would like good with the chrome blue. Thanks

I just brought home a Chrome Blue AmSe Strat today
what year is your's? price?
i've always liked the white pearloid pickguards.
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I like them if they arew truely white, the ones that I've seen at guitar center say white perloid but they almost have an aged yellowish tint to them.. Is that just because they are in the package and have the plactic coating over them?
I actually liked that mine had the aged/parchment white
slugger they are made like that on purpose
I kind of figured that it was done on purpuse but is there any way you can get just a straight white one thats like a bright white? I have seen one before but don't know where to find them
Cream colored would be cool.
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