Alright, but 2 things:

1. The backing tracks aren't loud enough
2. You need to buy some art work to put on the walls on that room
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preety good, you obviously know your fretboard very well. I think you should phrase it better like have a build up to the fast parts maybe add a few chromatics in places, also liven up the backing. Good job
Ok, nice quality vid first of all, but I agree that the backing needs to be a bit louder. Your playing is ok, but like has been said, your phrasing needs some work.

All in all it's a pretty nice video.

Oh yeah, next time you put in in the "attempted shredders" thread, don't introduce it as being "pwnage for all U shredders".... You might just get a little more comments

Keep it up!
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or try the band name generator.

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that tapping part (3:35) was pretty sick man! i liked some other riffs as well, like that pentatonic one around 2:45ish.. some parts got a little repetitive but great playing!
I liked it, nice playing!
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