So I am in a band, and we have been practice for a while and have written about 5 songs and a little intro to the CD. We are going to be recording a demo with a person I know in their studio in about a week and a half. I am pumped about that. Everyone else is also but it sort of seems like the singer isn't as excited and motivated as us.

The other guitarist hasn't been able to practice much because his girlfriend is leaving soon. Me and the drummer were both on vacation the week before that. So the problem is the singers motivation. We have to practice at least 3 or 4 more times before we record to get the last song down pat with vocals. It just doesn't seem like he even wants to practice at all. We have 2 we scheduled, but he isn't coming to 1 of them. He is our friend, he is good at what he is doing and other than the motivation, he is perfect for the band.

So should I say something or just deal with it? I am just sort of confused because we are really excited to record the demo and start playing out this summer.
just be like " Dude how come you dont seem as pumped up as we are"
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Yeah, I would confront him. I mean, there's probably a reason that he's not as excited, and if you ask maybe he'll tell you why and you could go from there.
confront him and try and get to understand why he isn't as pumped as you guys are. if he doesn't look forward to making music with the band he just might not be right for the band.
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He could be nervous about singing in the studio?
Talk to him about (in a no confrontational way)