I'm kind of stuck in a rut, just because I can't find anything I can learn from. Every lesson I find is either very beginners stuff (Minor Pentatonic scale, open chords, etc), or really advanced stuff I can't understand (blah blah minor seventh arrpegios played with speed picking). I can't find any lessons I can read and progress from because nothing is quite right where my level is, know what I mean?

I'm at a point where pretty much every classic rock song/solo is very easy for me to learn in a couple hours, but I don't know where to go from there. I've tried doing shred, but I'm not experienced enough to play that well. I know all kinds of scales/modes, all about the keys, chords, etc.

Any advice on what to do now?
One of my fav websites is freelicks.net it has a lot of indermediate -advanced solos and songs and stuff. Another one is guitartricks.com but i think that might cost money.
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I was in somewhat of the same situation a few months ago, I went out and found myself an impressively skilled instructor.