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8 8%
38 39%
37 38%
extra heavy
19 20%
finger picking
4 4%
4 4%
Voters: 97.
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What kind of picks do you like to use? I prefer extra heavy 2mms.
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1.10 or so
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I use hte tortex jazz mIIIs (green ones) So I guess it's abotu 1mm, so heavy.
how can you guys stand anything over .88?!?!?!?!

I use Dunlop Nylons .73

those are the only picks ive used for 6 years.
I like them as thin as possible because I like the sound they make when I strum really fast. Otherwise I just use my fingers.
Pero la cosa que me gusta mas es panochita,
Fender Mediums.

What does that relate to mm wise?

Note: never buy Fender California Clears. They will be destroyed as you are playing and leave a bunch of red crap on your guitar.
dunlop nylon 1 mm but i use anything below it...even the .44
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Fender clear heavys, granted I have to wear down the edges a bit with something first, but after that they're the best I ever used
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i have a pick thats .10 mm it's so thin

i never use it though, i could break it lol
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.73, but I am liking .60's right now. Its coming wiht a good tone.

how does your picks width effect your tone?
dunlop stubby =)

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for electrique i use dunlop tortex .73. but for accoustic struming i use dunlop nylon
I don't know how you guys use picks that light, I use 1.4's sometimes now Rarely anything under 1.00
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i use d'andrea and planet waves delrin 1m picks

actually, the d'andrea is 1m but the planet waves are .99m but whatever, same thing

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Dunlop Big Stubby's 1.0mm for electric.

0.53 for acoustic.
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i use the THICKEST i can find
i usually buy bass picks and use those
dunlop big stubby's are only 2.0 mm!!! NOT ENOUGH.
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i use the THICKEST i can find
i usually buy bass picks and use those
dunlop big stubby's are only 2.0 mm!!! NOT ENOUGH.

you can buy big stubbys that are 3.0mm ive got some in my room
i do definitely prefer 3mm
Dunlop Jazz III's, the little black ones, the best I have used, I can't go back to normal sized picks now.
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hmm really? i thought the stubbys were like 1 mm and the BIG stubbys were 2 mm and thats it....hmm
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why is it that everyone uses like 84375755758mm picks?? seriously Im confused about this...someone explain why you prefer to use 3mm picks.
I use Green Dunlop Tortex .88mms... however I think I'm going to switch to a slightly thinner kind. Maybe .73?
i dont know why i use thick picks....i have size 9 strings and i HATE picks that can bend
thick is the way to go.....maybe it depends...i play punk music....alot of strumming......
its easy to strum with
and its easy to play a solo
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